A couple of months back we were featured and reviewed in Germany’s popular Visions Magazin. We also came in at number 6 out of 25 in their Soundcheck feature, which is like a scorechart of that month’s releases, with points awarded by various writers. Pretty cool, beb!

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It’s the end of the year, and we’ve got a big pile of folk to thank for their help/support/harsh comments over the past few months: firstly, for their engineering and mixing abilities, Andrew Bush and Niall Sinclair (additional shout out to West West Side Music for doing a great mastering job). Ciaran Lyons for shooting two ace videos (you should watch them). Paul, Claire & co at A Badge of Friendship. Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland, Scottish Fiction and The Bathtime Experiment for repeatedly broadcasting our songs. Paul McArthur, Niall Sinclair and Robbie Smith for their instrumental assistance with the album launch, and the guys at Birdhead for supporting (such nice lads). The big boy, Kenny at Good Grief for his extreme patience and hard work. Jon at Dixon Street Studios for doing the tapes, Ellie at East End Press for her screen printing skills, and Kenny’s pal who always has to sort out huge Photoshop files and make everything line up properly. David Kemp for his photographic chops.

Writers, reviewers, interviewers, podcasters etc: the good folk at The Skinny, Exclaim!, Clash, Big Cheese Magazine, VISIONS Magazin, Podcart, Netsounds, The National Newspaper, Echoes And Dust, State Magazine, TOXIC Online, Alt Dialogue, Whisperin’ & Hollerin’, Female First, FAMEmagazine, New Hellfire Club Glasgow and a few others my clouded memory has temporarily let slip. It’s a competitive market (*boak*), and the fact folk have taken time out to write/talk about us or the album means a lot.

Everyone who bought a copy, we thank you, you are the Good People. Even if you didn’t buy one, we like you anyway. Cheers to all who came to the album launch and made it such a special night.

Last but not least, Emma and Jennifer for allowing us to spend what would amount to a substantial foreign holiday making a record. Next year, girls. Next year.

Happy 2016 X


Our new album A Lesson In Repression is now available to buy digitally or physically. We have loads of solid options you can have, including A2 screenprints, illustrated bound lyric books, CDs, cassettes… your choice. Have a look at our Bandcamp page and see if there’s a bundle that takes your fancy.

Here are a couple of nice quotes, just in case you don’t believe us when we tell you the album’s good:

“Deliciously self-aware, the record forces its fingers around the throats of our preconceptions, at least temporarily quenching the thirst for that much-needed full-blown punk rock revival- ★★★★” -the Skinny

“a sharply poetic mixture of visceral music and vivid lyrics” -Clash

“Black International are a powerful, intelligent new species of band that we’ll likely be bowing down to for a long time once they take over the planet, and that’s absolutely fine with me.” -State Magazine

We’ll be launching the album in Edinburgh on the 21st of November at the historic Kirk o’ Field Parish Church, with a special performance of the album in full with guest musicians Paul McArthur (Thin Privilege / Salò / Damn Teeth), Niall Sinclair (Urvanovic / Billy Ray Osiris) and Robbie Smith (BRITNEY / Ultimate Slaymaster). Also on the bill are Edinburgh’s favourite electro-kraut heart-throbs Birdhead. It’s a bring-your-own-bottle event, and we won’t be charging a corkage fee or anything, but please don’t bring any spirits. Beer, wine and cider are fine though. Tickets are available from Brown Paper Tickets here (there’s a small booking fee, but you’ll save £1 on the price if you book in advance). There’s a Facebook event page here which you can add your name to, or tell your friends about, whatever you like.

Hiya, we’ve made another video, which recently premiered on Clash. They reckon the track is “a sharply poetic mixture of visceral music and vivid lyrics”, so there you go. Once again, it was directed by the very talented Ciaran Lyons. We hope you enjoy it.

If you enjoy the song you can download it for free right here:

Want to get an insight into the minds of the men behind Black International? Most people don’t, so show them how foolish they are by clicking on this LINK to an interview we did with the Music News Site.

Here’s the video for our new track, hope you like it:

Also, you can download the album version for free here:

Hiya, we’ve been pretty quiet for a few months, beavering away on our new release. HERE ARE THE DETAILS: It’s called A Lesson In Repression, and it’s our second album. We recorded it with Andrew Bush (he of the Twilight Sad / We Were Promised Jetpacks / De Rosa fame) and Niall Sinclair in Edinburgh in two sessions, in April and December 2014. It was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York State in March 2015.

The album will be released on October 30th 2015 via our own Return of Order label, along with the wonderful Good Grief Records, who make a marvellous contribution to the general health of the Scottish underground (although they have connections further afield as well). We’re very much looking forward to working with them. The release format is still to be revealed, we’re going down a slightly less well-trodden path with this, so you’ll just have to wait and see… We have some special plans for the release show, which we’re very excited about. Again, we’ll reveal more when we feel like it.

The first video from the album is ‘A Fence To Keep People Out’, directed by the very talented Ciaran Lyons (find him at seaoflyons.com). We were lucky enough to get him before he becomes too big for us to afford, as he’s well on his way. The video has premiered on Canada’s Exclaim! site, and you can see it HERE.

The press for the album is in the very capable hands of A Badge of Friendship, if you need to contact them about anything you should speak to Paul, he’ll help you out: paul@abadgeoffriendship.com

Keep your eyes peeled for more news, or don’t, whatever you like.

We’re putting on this big fun belter of a gig on the 7th of May in Edinburgh, featuring world famous hunks of beef BRITNEY, Aberdeen’s slacker-pop champs Min Diesel, Sheffield’s pjaro and brand new no wave / post punk boys and girls Damn Teeth.

Click here for the Facebook event page.


Some news about our second album. We recorded it with Andrew Bush, who came fresh off the back of the latest hit pop record by the Twilight Sad, which he engineered, and the ever-patient Niall Sinclair. It’s currently being mastered by the legendary Alan Douches in New York, and we’re very excited about it.

The album has thirteen tracks, and is (we think) a pretty big step forward in terms of songwriting and scope. It’s the sort of thing that will either be considered a bold artistic move, or a coke-bloated mess. Perhaps both at once. Coke-bloat would be unfair, seeing as we rarely touch the stuff. It’s packed full of dental anaesthetic anyway. Anyway…

We don’t have a title for it yet, or a release date, but it sounds good. Trust us.


Hello. We’re not sleeping, just recording. Album #2 is a-comin’. In the meantime, here’s a poster for our final show of the year (and Thin Privilege‘s last show EVER), drawn with a pencil and coloured in on the computer by our very own Stewart Allan:

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