Want to get an insight into the minds of the men behind Black International? Most people don’t, so show them how foolish they are by clicking on this LINK to an interview we did with the Music News Site.

Here’s the video for our new track, hope you like it:

Also, you can download the album version for free here:

Hiya, we’ve been pretty quiet for a few months, beavering away on our new release. HERE ARE THE DETAILS: It’s called A Lesson In Repression, and it’s our second album. We recorded it with Andrew Bush (he of the Twilight Sad / We Were Promised Jetpacks / De Rosa fame) and Niall Sinclair in Edinburgh in two sessions, in April and December 2014. It was masterd by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York State in March 2015.

The album will be released on October 30th 2015 via our own Return of Order label, along with the wonderful Good Grief Records, who make a marvellous contribution to the general health of the Scottish underground (although they have connections further afield as well). We’re very much looking forward to working with them. The release format is still to be revealed, we’re going down a slightly less well-trodden path with this, so you’ll just have to wait and see… We have some special plans for the release shows, which we’re very excited about. Again, we’ll reveal more when we feel like it.

The first video from the album is ‘A Fence To Keep People Out’, directed by the very talented Ciaran Lyons (find him at seaoflyons.com). We were lucky enough to get him before he becomes too big for us to afford, as he’s well on his way. The video has premiered on Canada’s Exclaim! site, and you can see it HERE.

The press for the album is in the very capable hands of A Badge of Friendship, if you need to contact them about anything you should speak to Paul, he’ll help you out: paul@abadgeoffriendship.com

Keep your eyes peeled for more news, or don’t, whatever you like.

We’re putting on this big fun belter of a gig on the 7th of May in Edinburgh, featuring world famous hunks of beef BRITNEY, Aberdeen’s slacker-pop champs Min Diesel, Sheffield’s pjaro and brand new no wave / post punk boys and girls Damn Teeth.

Click here for the Facebook event page.


Some news about our second album. We recorded it with Andrew Bush, who came fresh off the back of the latest hit pop record by the Twilight Sad, which he engineered, and the ever-patient Niall Sinclair. It’s currently being mastered by the legendary Alan Douches in New York, and we’re very excited about it.

The album has thirteen tracks, and is (we think) a pretty big step forward in terms of songwriting and scope. It’s the sort of thing that will either be considered a bold artistic move, or a coke-bloated mess. Perhaps both at once. Coke-bloat would be unfair, seeing as we rarely touch the stuff. It’s packed full of dental anaesthetic anyway. Anyway…

We don’t have a title for it yet, or a release date, but it sounds good. Trust us.


Hello. We’re not sleeping, just recording. Album #2 is a-comin’. In the meantime, here’s a poster for our final show of the year (and Thin Privilege‘s last show EVER), drawn with a pencil and coloured in on the computer by our very own Stewart Allan:

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Hiya! We went into our rehearsal room and set up some microphones with our pal Niall who cleverly captured sounds in his special box. Here are two of the things we recorded, demo versions of a couple of tracks from our second album (work on which begins imminently). See what you think.

FUN FACT: The bones of ‘In the Sun’ were composed about 30 feet away from Boleskine House, where Aleister Crowley used to live. Wild, eh?

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Here’s a few upcoming shows in what Dave Benson Phillips refers to as ‘Mad March’. As far as months go, March is one of the best in my book. Not really. I don’t have much of a preference. Still…

On the 24th we’ll be wallowing in the pleasant darkness of Sneaky Pete’s with United Fruit and Birdhead. This is United Fruit’s first tour in like, a year, and they’re going to be playing loads of new material in preparation for their second album dropping this year, so you really should come. Birdhead are also taking off (c wot i did ther?) and will dazzle you with their strange combination of Motorik drumming and wonky, guitar-chased bleeps. You can buy advance tickets for this here: http://unitedfruitsneakys.brownpapertickets.com

We’ll be doing a couple of shows with Stonehaven pals everythingwesayisfact, firstly at the Roxy 171 with cheeky boys Pinact, then up to Cellar 35 in Aberdeen with Star Rover and Lenin Death Mask. JOIN US IF YOU WANT CHEERS

We’re pleased to be doing a show with Glasgow’s underwear-destroyingly good United Fruit. It’s at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on the 24th of March, and also features local sassy boys Birdhead.

Facebook event page.

Before then we’ll also be playing Fatalists album launch at Henry’s Cellar Bar on the 21st of February, and at the Roxy 171 in Glasgow on the 27th with We Came From the Sea. SUPER!